Wednesday, March 3, 2010

USA Today fired me up!!!

This article on the cover of USA Today both saddened and incensed much so that I wrote a response. For me, who usually is unpolitical and chooses not listen to the news,...this is major! Major enough for me to start a MOVEMENT!!!

I was raised in this beautiful community on the banks of the Ohio River. This town, and the people who live there, contributed to the savvy business woman I am today. It was neither "no place" nor  "a rural problem area" before Henry J. Kaiser arrived. And my family never worked at Kaiser.
It is not a "one horse town" and there was a strong middle class before Kaiser and there will be after. Kaiser, indeed, was good for Ravenswood and brought people who had lived in many parts of the world to leave a mark on this town. Their influence and sophistication made for an idyllic, cultured lifestyle in the 1950, 60s and 70s and still shapes the area today.
It is the type of community where you know and care about your neighbor and you allow your children to walk home from school without fear. It is clean and non-polluted and I, and many others who have spent time there, will always fondly call it home.
I am saddened and incensed by the statement, "One-horse towns such as Ravenswood risk losing their reason for being." Juravich, who teaches about labor at the University of Massachusetts, should spend some time in Ravenswood before declaring it done. He states, "Without a hospital or university campus or county seat, they're one plant shutdown from oblivion." There is a hospital 15 minutes away, a university campus 30 miles away, and a county seat 15 miles away. All of which are much closer than similar areas of a metropolis. 
The Manifesto  
The people of Ravenswood are proud and strong and will survive regardless of the state of the plant. It is but a reflection of a mirror that many Americans do not want to look into.  It may be happening to smaller towns today but it will trickle up eventually and touch even Juravich. Turning away from the scene in the mirror does not mean it does not exist.
The world is indeed going through a cleansing process... and no place will this cleansing be more evident than in the world of business! We no longer trust big corporations balance sheets nor the executives who approved them. We see jobs disappearing and finances crumbling as a result of the virtual business model and the wanton and uncontrolled greed of Wall Street, big business, and a corrupt political system that turned a blind eye to the shenanigans.
It is time for a change. It is time for new thinking. It is time to restructure the way we work and feel about working. The people of Ravenswood and other towns, large and small, will need to create their own jobs as small business is what is destined to save our economy. Small businesses will use this transition period to retool and re-engineer the very foundation of our economic structure. The old way of doing business has not served our economy, our planet, nor us. It is time for new ideas.
I believe that now, more than ever before, women are poised to lead these small businesses with an inherent skill and a pioneering spirit I call the Revolutionary Woman. A woman who is prepared to lead the revolution by creating companies that will become the employers, the role models, and the innovators of a new way of doing business. 
I call on the women of Ravenswood and other towns suffering from this economy to step fully into their innate abilities as leaders, nurturers, and heroines! The Internet has equalled the playing field and social media is reshaping the way business is conducted. It is easier to start, run, and succeed in business at this point of history. So join the Revolution...join the movement this cover story of USA Today has inspired.
Today a 58 year old woman from Ravenswood, WV with a computer,  an idea, and a will to succeed competes toe to toe with larger, more established publications. That woman is me. Read my story and more about becoming a Revolutionary Woman at The (r)Evolutionary Women Blog.
Join the Movement today 
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and fighting to save our communities.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the story of (r)Evolutionary Women

written 7/4/2009

(r)Evolutionary Times...this is a time of (r)E-Engineering, (r)E-Purposing, (r)E-Branding and (r)E-Invention of (r)Ebecca E. Parsons…
the past 18 months have been a time of great growth–professionally and spiritually...the journey I am on is amazing…truly a life-changing transition... the story of my path and the path is leading is below:

"Circumstance does not make a woman, it reveals her to herself," paraphrased James Allen from As a Man Thinketh.

The circumstances of my life this past few years have (r)Evealed much to me...I have grown as a woman into my own place of freedom. The best part was uncovering the freedom to live an emotionally authentic life lesson.

The unveiling of my new business platform – (r)Evolutionary Women is a (r)E-Branding which is a direct result of my stepping into my life purpose...embracing who I am fully and (r)Everently...and stumbling headlong down the path with joy and wild abandon!!!

It started with a significant (r)Evelation...

The (r)Evelation... a trusted friend told me that I am a Visionary Spiritual Leader, Mentor and Healer with a Big (global) Job to Do, who has a life purpose of leading the transition of women entrepreneurs into The Age of Aquarius.

The world is indeed going through a cleansing process...and no place will this cleansing be more evident than in the world of business! We no longer trust big corporations balance sheets nor the executives who approved them. We see jobs disappearing and finances crumbling as a result of the virtual business model and greed of the past few decades.

It is time for a change. It is time for new thinking. It is time to restructure the way we work and feel about working. Small businesses will use this transition period to reshape and re-engineer the very foundation of our economic structure.

I believe that now, more than ever before, women are poised to lead these small businesses with an inherent skill and a pioneering spirit I call the (r)Evolutionary Women.

The Vision:

1) Women Entrepreneurs Stabilizing our Economy,
2) Women Entrepreneurs Reinventing How Business is Done, and
3) Women Entrepreneurs Living Fully in Their Spirituality.

You might say, “This is a really BIG Vision.” And I would agree. I will soon launch an opt-in website for (r)Evolutionary Women leading eventually to a radio talk show, a membership site, books, courses, etc.

So what is a (r)Evolutionary Women, and why am I prepared/able/willing to help YOU become one?

With the creation of (r)Evolutionary Women I am stepping boldly into my soul purpose...and sometimes I have to pinch myself as I take step after faltering step into what I am called to do...I call that a (r)Evolutionary Woman thing to do...for I am evolving big time...

The (r)Evolution of (r)Ebecca...
Over the past several decades I have created several 6-figure businesses honoring my soul, my values and my vision. I know how to create a successful business and I know how to avoid the struggles and roadblocks that come when launching a business dream. And I can help you as I have helped many others. 

I stand firmly in the knowing that life and business are never really separate…so you will see that my approach to mentoring is holistic taking care of every part of you–spiritual, physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative and material. This is the basis for my Lifestyle Business model.
I have a lot of business knowledge to give women, especially creative and spiritual women business owners. I have been mentoring people for the past 15 years, usually on a one-to-one basis. I have helped them build wildly successful businesses doing what they love.

I keep talking about my path and journey, so you will understand the process I went through to get where I am today. And the Evolution Revolution I experienced and the twists and turns I took to get to today…and the knowledge I have acquired along the way.

Learning to embrace fully the creative part of me has always been easy–apiece of cake. When I was struggling to make money doing what I love, I made the conscious decision to become an expert in business management and practices. The student of all things business related became my addiction of choice. And that addiction propelled me into expert status. With that hard-won expertise, I have helped thousands of people learn to be skilled entrepreneurs.

But too much of anything can be just that…too much! I realized I was spending so much time building my business muscles that other areas of my life began to atrophy. And when a good thing crosses into addiction, you have to (re)Group big-time.

I began to search for balance in my life and my business and gradually my business evolved into a lifestyle business–one that supports who I am, honors my way of life, and aligns my passion with my purpose.

About a decade ago, having mastered the creative and business paths of my life’s journey, I felt the stirrings of something else. Something that had always been an important part of my life and who I am…my foundation–my spirituality.

My spirituality has always been a part of how I operated my businesses because it could never be separated from the me I am. Although I never had the courage to verbalize it, my spiritual self managed to come across in my books, articles, speeches and teaching. People were coming to me to learn art making and/or business, and leaving with life-altering breakthroughs. These are typical responses of my students:
“I came to learn how to be a faux finisher, but Rebecca changed my life. She taught me how to value myself as a woman and honor the talent I have, plus so much more.”
“I still have my rock from your speech a few years ago.” (He takes a rock from his pocket and shows me) “That day was a turning point in my life and my business. I learned that I could charge what I needed to charge and not feel guilty about it. My wife and family call you our angel.”
“I was getting a divorce and was so depressed and afraid when I met Rebecca. The three days I spent with her mentoring, teaching and befriending me changed my perception, my life and my soul. I was able to reinvent myself and create a thriving business doing what I love. Thank you Rebecca from the bottom of my heart.”

So I began integrating the spiritual, creative and the business parts of me to form a new business model. I learned three life-changing things in the past few years:
  1. My Life Purpose is…Visionary Spiritual Leader, Mentor and Healer with a Big (global) Job to Do. This means I am here to create new groundbreaking ideas and be a spiritual leader, mentor and healer on a massive scale.
  2. My Life School is Love and Service. This means I am here to develop my ability to love myself and others while staying present with my feelings no matter the circumstance; not to stuff my emotions, withdraw or go out of control. I am also here to develop my ability to be in service consciousness while I learn to serve joyfully without an agenda; to help, not control; to service others without neglecting myself.
  3. My Life Lesson is emotional authenticity and self-sacrifice. This means I must open my heart, feel the feelings and embrace fully all aspects of my personality while learning to nurture without burdensome obligation, self-sacrifice, self-indulgence or selfishness.
It was in attending this life school and doing the work of the life lessons that I became an (r)Evolutionary Woman™. Because I have clarity of my purpose, my life and my business have blossomed beyond my wildest dreams. Now I am comfortable to live amongst this ability to build a life while serving others and guiltlessly making money doing what I love.

This all brings me to the launch of my new business venture…

(r)Evolutionary Women...Work Like a Woman

At this time, because of circumstances and my search for a way to re-engineer my life and bring my business fully online, I have decided to trust the universe that, along with the is inherent within me the ability too create it!!! you are never given an idea without the knowledge to manifest it..
So I walk in belief and trust...and I recall that wonderful quote from Napoleon Hill...

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are children of your soul, the (very) blueprint of your ultimate accomplishments.

This (r)Evolutionary journey I find myself on is a transition of major importance…to my life and my career. Of this I am sure. It has been awkward and painful while enlightening and strengthening…I cannot explain it quite yet, but I know it is about growth into my spiritual maturity.
So as I step into my vision and dreams...I invite you to join in the (r)Evolution...

I have also launched an interactive online magazine for creative entrepreneurs called Artistically Speaking and a radio talk show that helps creatives learn to make money doing what they love.

written 1/1/2010
 "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards." -- Vernon Sanders Law, 1960 Cy Young Award Winner
As we move headlong into a new decade...I have taken time to reflect about the past decade, the circumstances of my journey, and the enormous blessings that have been given to me...I share today with an open heart filled with joy as this has been time of growing into the ME I was Born to be!!! (see the previous post also)

Wow...oh wow is all I can say about the first weeks of 2010!!! I was up early this morning to receive...and I did!

What stood out above all for me at this time of my journey is:

• You can come to understand your purpose in life by slowing down, feeling your heart’s desires, and demanding to know.

During this past 20 months, God forced me to slow down by removing ALL obstacles (a job and income) and presenting me with TIME! Time to reflect. Time to mourn. Time to refresh. Time to repurpose. Time to realign. Time to reframe. Time to release. During this gift of time, I found #1-ME and #2-crystal clarity of purpose and #3-this is the time for me to soar...

"To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders" - Chuang Tzu

It has been a Two Year Retreat, mostly silent. You have followed my story here and on my other blog, Down, But Not Out (Living Beneath No Means). I had no choice but to reconnect with myself…find strength to look at what brought me to this place, find fortitude to survive, find courage to move forward, find hope to rebuild, find bits of my soul that had been scattered about the universe over the years and bring them home.

And by walking and stumbling and, sometimes even crawling my path the last two years of the decade I was able to learn my deepest passion is to communicate in a major way. A gift revealed itself at the tender age of five when I started my first newspaper. The first headline read: “Young Gril (Girl) Finds $50”…. okay, I still cannot spell, but you get the point. If I had listened then….

• If you are going to ask the questions, be sure to listen for the answers.

How many times in my life was I presented with the answers, but I did not listen? Then, a hurried life is brought completely to a I could do nothing else but listen!

During this time I have been blessed to be able to walk along the beach in my beloved island sanctuary...and capture the moments of my retreat in such magnificience...i step into my purpose, my future, my path with great peace and the completeness of knowing I am who I was born to be....